For over four years I walked around with cancer in my shoulder. I was convinced the lump was nothing more than a ball of fat (lipoma) that was inconvenient and cosmetically unattractive, but nothing dangerous.

I focused on my career and the things I needed to get done thinking all along that I would eventually "take care of it" by simply having it surgically removed.

Little did I know it was stealing my energy and could have led to catastrophic consequences for my health.  

I created Prime State of Mind to share my insights and lessons I learned from my diagnosis so you don't have to wait until you are in a dire situation or receive a life altering diagnosis before you start living. 

My wish is to inspire you to do great things for yourself and others, to feel great and find ways to enjoy life that feels authentic to yourself. If I succeed in doing this please don't hesitate to share as it means a lot to me. If you think this website or my social accounts could help someone you know please share it with them for helping to uplift and inspire people is what I live for now.  

With much love and a lot of life I wish you the best!