Project Description


It’s difficult to keep this brief and still give justice to the shift I experienced practicing Vipassana Meditation during those 10 days and how positively impactful it has been for me in my life since.

To begin practicing Vipassana Mediation you enter a 10 day meditation retreat which is fully donation based. For 10 days you live in your own room with your own bath, eat cooked food in a dining hall with men and women separated, you meditate 10-12 hours per day together in a great mediation hall with women and men separated, you give the staff your cellphone and car keys, you don’t read, you don’t listen to music, you don’t write, you don’t watch TV and you don’t speak to anyone. Yes I know, for 10 days.

You might ask yourself why anyone would submit themselves to 10 days of living with such restrictions? It might seem extreme at first but the point of it all is to remove all distractions in your life so you can learn to observe yourself and your surroundings without judging which leads to inner peace and stillness.

I’m not going to say it was easy for me to do this. The first few days were challenging before I got into the rhythm and got used to being silent. But once that passed and I finished the 10 days I was rewarded with the most blissful joy I’ve ever experienced in my life. In many ways it would be fair to say I felt as if I had woken up from a long slumber.

I highly recommend doing this.

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